Cartoon Ceramics Mug




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Cartoon Ceramics Mug

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Style: cartoon
high temperature resistance
Structure: single layer
Microwave oven: not available
Shape: round
Applicable gifts: ladies
Packaging: safe packaging
Set: three-piece set
Packing specification: set
Size (height, caliber): height 8.7 cm caliber 8.5 cm

Cup accessories: with lid, handle, spoon456789

Design Heart
A touch of color mixed with the aesthetics of the times, in the calmness of the earth color
Gorgeously promoted to the protagonist, singing the Sanskrit of this design.
Colorful and brilliant
Nordic modern life
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

What you need to know about ceramics!
Health and safety
Ceramic tableware, the traditional concept of ceramics refers to all artificial industrial products using clay and other inorganic non-metallic minerals as raw materials. It includes various products made from clay or a mixture containing clay by mixing, forming and calcining. It ranges from the roughest earthenware to the finest fine ceramics and porcelain. The firing and application of ceramic tableware has a long history in China. It has various shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth feel, easy to wash, and is loved by people. The surface is smooth and there is no obvious unevenness on the touch; all the decoration of the underglaze colored ceramics is performed under the porcelain embryo. After glazing, it is fired once at high temperature.
2. About bubbles, black spots, pinholes
1Because of the uneven moisture content of porcelain clay during high temperature firing, air bubbles, black spots and pinholes may appear during shrinkage, which is allowed by national standards. (If you are interested, you can refer to the daily porcelain grade standard)
Note: When the ceramic is fired, the joint between the bottom and the cutting board cannot be glazed, which is not a quality problem.
3.About the grouting hole
The bottom grouting port is used for the manufacturing process of manufacturing ceramic wares. The possibility of manual decoration is reserved. During the grouting, the uniformly dense clay slurry is injected into the absolutely dry gypsum mold. Therefore, the formation of grouting holes in the grouting place is not a quality problem.




Weight 470.0 kg
Dimensions 160 × 135 × 130 cm

Love cat, HELLO, High five cat, Lucky Cat


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